April 18, 2009

Class time: 55 sites in your multimedia toolkit

I love people who share. People like Erica Smith who blogs under Graphic Designr and has been sharing some resources she used in a quick course on visualizing data. She started with the basics of html, and moved on to tables. She also recently posted 55 links to multimedia resources tools. under these topics:
  • Must-reads
  • Social networking and bookmarking, including Ning (Wired Journalists, among others)
  • RSS aggregators
  • Blog platforms
  • Web editors
  • Video
  • Photo storage/sharing
  • Timelines
  • Slideshow
  • Graphics
  • Maps
  • Geocode
  • Misc.
Check out her hard work for leads to online tools that will help you make what you do online more efficient, more attractive and more readable.


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