April 8, 2009

What they're saying in Ann Arbor, elsewhere about AnnArbor.com

There's talking going on in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where the Ann Arbor News and the Ann Arbor Chronicle covered the first community meetings being held to seek feedback on the new products under the AnnArbor.com umbrella:

Some Michigan journalists may remember David Sullivan, who worked for The Flint Journal and in the Ann Arbor market before moving east. He was on vacation when the news about the Michigan newspapers broke. He comes back with his take on it in The Mysterious Ann Arbor.

Follow some of the AnnArbor.com conversation here:
That's how I found a blog post with a suggestion for Michigan reporters losing their jobs in the Ann Arbor region. LivingBlue asks Is Web an Opportunity for Laid-Off Newspaper Reporters?

Or those reporters could go into the medical field - those jobs are hard to ship overseas.


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