April 10, 2009

1 meeting, 3 takes on AnnArbor.com

The AnnArbor.com execs spent about 25 minutes talking about the Advance Publications - Advance Internet project that will replace the company's Ann Arbor News in July before spending the next hour or so answering questions from folks there and at least one via Twitter.

The hearing resulted in three reports:

On Mlive.com, a free-lancer for the Ann Arbor News submitted:

AnnArbor.com officials try to allay fears that local reporting will be lost once newspaper closes

News that a Brooklyn web firm - Huge - is working on the design drew some criticism in comments for not hiring local talent. Huge just finshed the American.edu site. Other clients include about.com; ikea.com, jetblue.com and girlscouts.org Media sites include AOL, Scientific American and Scholastic

A similar, non-bylined piece, was posted under the headline A step beyond journalism.

Jim Carty's Paper Tiger No More blog had an update on the meeting thanks to Sports Illustrated's Richard Deitsch who was at the meeting. Deitsch is in this year's class of Knight-Wallace fellows at the University of Michigan.

Deitsch's advice: "I would advise the public to hold him to these words."

The advice was given about promises that site content would be journalism, on the type of content, and on staffing. Deitsch, who says he remains skeptical, also discusses salaries, the plans for three major site updates - July, October and January - and sports.

The next community forum will be held at 7 p.m., Thursday, April 16, in the Pendleton Room at the Michigan Union. 530 S. State St.

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