April 8, 2009

Spanning the ages: Retiree, student express hope for news

A difference in age does not change the hopes for news, or at least that's what I pull from two columns I recently found.

The success of the print edition is what retiring Huntsville Times columnist David Person hoped for in "America Still Needs the News."
"It's easy to forget that in this age of illuminated, multicolored, video- and audio-enriched news Web sites. It's also easy to forget that once you've had your fill of the speculation about why Jen and John - that's Anniston and Mayer for the pop culture-challenged - broke up this time, the real news isn't about who's seeing whom but who's running your city, county, state and nation."
Sharing his hope is a student editor at the Oakland University newspaper in a post on demise of print newspapers in the blog We're not putting out only on Wednesdays now.

The copy editor at the Oakland Post used the changes of newspapers in Michigan - Detroit newspapers dropping daily home delivery, the Ann Arbor News closing and daily newspapers in Bay City, Flint and Saginaw dropping to three days a week, to drop in what many would be a surprise because of her age:
Online news is replacing print news faster than ever. Thanks but no thanks–I’d rather read the paper.
She's smart enough to recognize, though, that changes like those happening in Michigan is how she may keep print news around.


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