February 2, 2009

What you didn't know I had in common (or not) with 25 who agreed to be FB friends

I twisted and turned and finally spit out another 25 things by looking at what I had in common with Facebook friends who had already a 25 (or more) list because I didn't want to add to anyone's to-do list.

1) Like Norma Z., I love coffee (before noon)

2) Like MBW, I asked my husband out first ... if you count asking "You don't want to go out with me, do you?" because I didn't believe the guy I was with was right about why Larry was suddenly around so much.

3) Like Jim of L-Town, I was the editor of the State News at Michigan State University. My "year" started early and ended late and had lots of ups and downs but taught me lots about running newspapers.

4) Like MWG, I reluctantly did the buyout thing. But it is turning out to be the best thing in the world as it is giving me a chance to mother my cancer-fighting daughter, work virtually with new people and organizations and rediscover passions buried by workaholic tendencies.

5) Like MB, I believe open communication is the best way to solve problems

6) Like EC, I worry a lot about food and believe that health care could be forever changed if we fed people right.

7) Like IC, I find being a parent challenging yet rewarding.

8) Like SC, I spend way a lot of time on news sites (and those dealing with journalism and writing and ... You get the idea... a lot of time)

9) Like CW, I love(d) to take baths to relax, then curl up with a good book. But I only do the book part now because hot baths (and weather) make me limp. (thanks ms).

10) Like AR, I believe democracy is not a spectator sport.

11) Like JWJ, I love bluegrass music. (I didn't know that until I moved to Flint, Michigan.)

12) Unlike BE, I was never fired from a job.

13) Like MH, I booked (and organized) concerts and I can’t go to a show now without picking apart the lighting, sound, stage presence, musicianship, etc. Like, had I been in charge of this weekend's 32nd Ann Arbor Folk Festival, I would have ....

14) Like JR, I sometimes need a hug.

15) Like PB, I sometimes try too many Facebook applications (but it's OK for folks to ignore them.)

16) Like MLJ, I am an Internet junkie.

17) I learned a lot about coaching writrs from Bruce DeSilva, Jack Hart and Don Fry.

18) Like RS, I will copy edit anything and everything before me, which is why I really hate it when I get a brain burp and can't find the perfect words.

19) Like VC, I can read type upside down. (These days, it needs to be large print though)

20) Like GG (who is on Facebook, but I discovered through his Life, Work and the Pursuit of Excellence blog I want to learn something new every day.

21) I learned a lot about Flint and Irish music from MK while producing and hosting a music show on Flint's former public radio station.

22) Like RJW, I'm not crazy about talking on the phone. I thought once I left the newsroom, I'd enjoy it more. I don't.

23) Like CC, I started drinking coffee with cream and sugar. I cut both out the first time I successfully lost 100 pounds.

24) Like SH, I don't have a mousepad.

25) Like SM, I enjoyed looking at this meme. My twist was picking out facts in common with people who posted 25 (or more) things about themselves.

(and almost everyone I named here has already produced a list of at least 25 things so I haven't added to anyone's To-Do list. There are two exceptions - one had already been tagged by others so peer pressure would guarantee a finished list as soon as the home repairs are done, I'm thinking; the second has sent me a zillion or more application invites and I miss our early morning or late night chats)

This post first appeared as a Facebook Note, where names, not initials, are used.


  1. I always find it interesting when I read these to find things out I never knew.
    How did you find my blog?

  2. I actually don't remember how I found it. But I do enjoy reading it - and have for awhile :)