February 4, 2009

If I ask, will questions go away?

It's another sleepless night (and getting to Seattle remains on the bucket list) so if I out the questions that are inside will they go away? Or will I at least get answers?

Who is the Amanda behind the breast cancer donation fund on the Michigan form?

Was the Michigan man in the stem cell study selling cars, working in a car factory or managing something in an auto company when he was diagnosed with ms? Did he get a buyout? Is his career as a high school hockey coach fulfilling a dream? How much did it cost him to participate in the study?

Does a person come with a set number of hours of eyesight?

If so, is it better to ration how long and on what you use your eyes for or just splurge and do as much as you can now?

Did I burn too many hours on books and computer screens? Was it reading by flashlight under the bedcovers?

If you wait, do some cancerous cells heal on their own?

Do MRIs and the other fancy tools tell us too much today?

Is it lying to say you didn't have a fever if you don't take your temperature?

How long will a scale tell you the right weight?

Why do people without children make scrapbooks? What happens to their scrapbooks when they die?

How do they decide how many days you need to take an antibodic?

Why do I still want more hours in the day, heat in the house and friends to be happy?

What is happy?

Do you still need to use drops to make your eyes wet if you are crying?

Why isn't waking up enough?


  1. Are you listening to Willie Nelson again?

  2. Great questions, but I think the headline of your blog entry answers its own question.

    One question will always lead to another. But now you have given me a lot to think about on my long drive to the Sierras again today.

    Keep up the good blogging.

  3. Steve Wright suggested the question to ask when at a job interview they ask you if you have any questions:
    "If I am driving my car at the speed of light and I put my head lamps on, what happens?.
    I was laboring for a brick layer who would dress his brick singing "Dont't ask me thousands of questions" then as placed and leveled the brick "when there is only on answer" Then back to the "Dont ask me... " as he took the next brick. Eight hours of this. I never even knew the question so I gave up looking for answers.