February 3, 2009

No roll of blogs, but I read 'em

February 3 is Blogroll Amnesty Day, which started off when one blogger wanted to trim his roll of blogs without guilt. Other bloggers thought that was horrible, knowing that links to other blogs are one of the best ways to help folks find new blogs. They followed the lead of this blogger who turned it into a happy occasion by linking to five blogs that had less traffic than their own. (It goes without saying they had to like each of the blogs.) So despite the lack of a blog roll on the website, I can tell you about some of the ones I'm reading.

Mandy from MS Maze put together MS Bloggers at your Fingertips! picking it up from Lisa Emrich of Brass and Ivory who asked MS bloggers to spread Linky Love!

Traffic isn't a big concern in my decision to list some of the blogs I read. Do check out those two MS ones, plus Access Denied - living with multiple sclerosis and A Place to Scream and My journey with Multiple Sclerosis.

I switch diseases here (to cancer) but get inspired by Everything Changes

I still have a thing for libraries so SuperPatron stays on my favorites as does Ed Vielmetti's Vacuum.

And I'm really happy that Susan Mernit blogs a lot more often than she was for awhile.

And I have no idea why, but I am fascinated by the Junky's Wife.

Mmmm. I still remember when getting some co-workers to blog was a chore so it's nice to "keep in touch" via these blogs by folks who once worked or are working at The Flint Journal:

(OK, ex- and co-workers who else has decided that blogging isn't the end of the world and is missing from my list?)

Two of my favorite quilt blogs have Flint-area connections - Michigan Quilts and Joe the Blogging Quilter.

Flint Expatriates is in my Flint rss folder because I love learning about this city's yesterdays.

I'd like to tell you about more blogs, I have to go do more research on how a twenty-somethings pays the outrageous price of beating cancer, what can be done with glaucoma and how to kick the blues without seeing another doctor.

Oh yeah. I did write about some of my word-related blogs before, remember Blogs replacing need for editors, talk

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  1. Thanks so much for participating!! Now I've got some new blogs to go checkout. :)