March 6, 2022

Triple time: Ornament done

Finished a Crazy Quilted Christmas ornament today. It’s 4.5 inches wide and 5.5 inches long, not including the hanger. 

I’ll use it on my fabric Christmas tree. That started as a dream that I could pull together 2,020 unique pieces by the end of 2020. I gathered the pieces. I had a plan. Then, I had a new plan. 

Now, I am following a new plan to create a Christmas tree that won’t ever shed needles. Plus it will serve as a reminder of a hobby I have enjoyed since I was 6.

I’ll use the ornament as my first finish of the year for the 2022  Crazy Quilting Journal Project. It is bigger then the 3-inch ornaments I planned. But I like variety on Christmas trees.

I’ll keep using it for my #The100DayProject, though I put in far more then 5 minutes of stitching today. Say 3.5 hours today 

This week's motivation though Challenge 5 of Project Quilting : Rhythm

 and Repetition. 

You’ll notice I basically used 2 colors - red and white.  I started with 3 pieces of candy I trimmed from a holiday ribbon. I added 2 mints from another part of the ribbon. 

Next, I basted for fabrics to a white background. I added a wide red ribbon, then put a thin white ribbon on topi added a red-and-white trim to the edge oof the ribbon. 

I added three rows of ric rack, anchored by red floss. 
Another short piece is anchored by sequin held in place with French knots. 

I used two pieces of ribbon and some nylon fabric to make yo-yos. A sequin and French knot anchors each. Six more red sequin line the white line after one side was outlined with a red stem stitches. I used white floss to add blanket stitched and chain stitches. A white flower anchored by a red bead  provides a bit more contrast. 

This project was made in Greeneville, Tn.