March 20, 2022

Geese fly to Christmas tree

 My, how time flies. The last of the annual Project quilting challenges is due. This one requires a traditional quilting technique - five flying geese.

Too bad I can’t use the five attempts at the block. First would be looking - and not finding - the two rulers designed to ease making the blocks. 

Another attempt involved my attempt to draw and use a paper-piecing technique.  Two 1/2-inch geese in I knew this wasn’t the way to go.

Next, I turned to my favorite post on the subject - three ways to make flying geese.  Then, I turned to  a chart with measurements for the three necessary triangles. I saved it as a pdf but you can find it in this post. Honey, I shrank the smallest suggestion. 

Image wool Christmas tree made from 5 flying geese patches

The result was 5 flying geese in green on a red background  next, How funny - there’s always a bird or two slightly out of formation. But then whoever saw a perfectly shaped tree. I covered the 2.5 inch by 5.5 inch tree with blanket stitches, sequins, and lace  circles trimmed from a larger piece of lace.  Those straight lines are my version of icicles that hung on trees in my childhood.

Picture of wool Christmas ornament - five flying geese covered with ornaments

One more project for Project Quilting completed in Greeneville, TN. One more ornament ready for the new artificial Christmas tree project. Even better - all pieces came from my stash. The sequins and beds are at least 60 years old. They are leftovers from a project of my grandmother - covering styrofoam balls by pinning beads and sequins. 

You’ll find the rest of the works for the sixth challenge of the 13th year of Project Quilting online. I finished two of this year’s challenges  plus I finished 2 Christmas ornaments And continued my 100 days of creating and stitching Plus another blog post  Yea.