April 28, 2010

You can play hide and seek on Facebook

A recent rash of invites to see who has visited my Facebook profile and now a post on how to "stay invisible on Facebook" leaves me confused.

Personally, I want people to visit my profile. I want them to see what I said and I want to read what they write, share, or comment about. I'd love to know how many people just drift by my wall without leaving a shadow.

I never quite got why creating a collage of mug shots of visitors was an application that appealed to so many of my Facebook friends.

Robb Montgomery calls it staying invisible on Facebook.

He sees it as desirable as his lack of traditional interests listed in his profile ensures he keeps his data. After all, how many advertisers are seeking those intersted in "Truth, Grace, Redemption ...."

It means none of the Facebook ads are likely to garner a click from him.

Personally, I'll share some interests and even look at some ads as a way to ensure Facebook stays in business.

I once only shopped at businesses who advertised with my employer. I only used coupons delivered through my employer. It was one small step to assure advertisers that their ads and coupons worked.

I don't want to - and won't - pay a fee to Facebook.

Robb says:
"The choice to have your data sold and traded by people who are not paying you for it is up to you. If you want to lower your Facebook “book value” - your advertising revenue profile - then simply take a look at your profile details from a marketer’s viewpoint and remove specific types of information that identify your branding preferences."
I practice good privacy efforts. It's OK for a business to make money from me.  They always have.


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