April 26, 2010

Regret the error, not repeat the error

Poor Matt Millen. He can't win.

Rob Otto over on mlive.com ensures that Millen's mistake - a comment about who likes fried bologna sandwiches - isn't limited to ESPN watchers. He found a YouTube video with a label that deserves another round of apologies. He shares it in a Ottoman Empire post under the headline "Matt Millen discovers whole new way to embarrass himself at the NFL draft."

Otto should share the embarrassment with his choice of videos.

One of my first bosses at The Flint Journal pounded into me the importance of not repeating an error when publishing a correction. He's also the one who shared the web address with me, knowing I'd smile and start thinking about blue skies and perfection.


  1. Correction

    The correct way to spell Millen is M-I-L-L-E-N, not P-O-D-R-O-S-K-I. We regret the spelling error. As a Matt (er) of fact, we regret not only the spelling error, but that we identified a whole different person.

    We will try to do better next time we write about whathis name.

  2. Darn. Caught again ... and regretting the error.