November 5, 2009

New blog (to me) leads to inspiring story, inspiring site

Gosh, Google Reader figured out I might be interested in blogs about multiple sclerosis. Not sure if it is because I've already subscribed to so many or the words in my blog. So over on MS News Updates: I learn about a new web site using storytelling and also a story about using adaptive devices.

makers of Rebif and Cladribine and behind MSLifelines, an online support group/website with nifty journals, symptom trackers and information, now is using storytelling by 5 people diagnosed with MS in the 2000 to distribute information and tips. The best part - the company is paying the five bloggers - to be a part of How I Fight MS.

MSLifelines has featured stories before, so what's different here is that there is ongoing storytelling by the individuals.

Also shared on the site was an article about a woman with MS who leads city tours for government officials via wheelchairs. The Star Ledger’s Oct 15th Middlesex County Newswrites about Jackie Jackson and her learn by doing tours.


  1. I'm so glad that you've found Jen...and that you approve of "How I Fight MS." There has been both expressions of support and others of disapproval. I just hope that it hopes people and I'm eagerly awaiting the 2nd batch of videos to go up. I got a kick out of SEEING and HEARING my fellow bloggers on screen.

  2. I think multiple viewpoints help people realize how different MS is for each of us. Unfortunately, at times, it seems that each flareup is its own unique blend of symptoms.

    Thanks for stopping by.