November 6, 2009 staff meeting leads to stat reveal

There was this Tweet: just held a full staff meeting after three months in operation. We're a hit. Literally: 1.5 million unique visitors to our site

which led to this: is averaging 170,000-180,000 average weekly unique visitors; 30,000-40,000 average daily unique visitors.
which led to this: has more than 22,000 readers and growing subscribed to its daily e-mail newsletter.: "
which led to this:
Summary: has created a sustainable business model that is working.
Meanwhile, Michigan media again goes under the microscope, this time at Convergence and Society: The Changing Media Landscape (#cconf09) Doug Fisher writes more about this panel and others.


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  1. Uh,, the admittedly crappy web site that was how you read the old Ann Arbor News online had far more readers than the figures quoted above. = FAIL.