September 16, 2009

Digital media course a bargain for journalists in Michigan

Gee, I think someone has noticed the high rate of unemployment for Michigan journalists. A second course offering folks a chance to update their skills is set for October.

This one is from the Society of Newspaper Designers and includes an person among the instructors.

Yes, Michigan State University graduate and Mlive vet Shawn Smith will return to the East Lansing campus Saturday, Oct. 10, as part of the lineup for SND’s Digital Media Quick Course.

The description says
"You’ll learn about the best ideas for Web site design, free online tools, the Detroit Free Press’ new e-reader platform and hands-on techniques for using social media, mobile and other internet tools to bring your online content to life."
It will set you back $50 but you'll learn:
  • Where the sites are
  • Where the tools are
  • Where the readers are
  • Where the connections are
Karl Gude, the ex-Newsweek journalist now teaching at MSU put the session together (with help, of course). He is looking for folks to participate in a "lightning round" of presentations of innovations at your company or organization. Send him at email: gudek over at

You can register for the course online - head to the SND post and follow the registration link.

I'm still waiting for details on the free session from the Online News Association.


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