September 19, 2009

Always more to say: Following up on Stickel, Cahir, Bronson

A marching band, present and past employees and even some folks from the neighborhood showed up to say good-bye to retiring Fred Stickel in Portland, Oregon. The surprise party for the 87-year-old publisher of the Oregonian included cake and confetti and lots of words. Follow those links and you'll know more of the story that I started to tell in a post.

One employee posted: "Under his leadership, we Oregonian employees have had it damn good -- much better than most other journalists in this country. I truly believe he has fought for us, has protected us and has given us the best he could."

I encourage you to read an article about one of the last gatherings honoring the journalist turned Marine. It starts "Bill Cahir had a gift for using words as weapons of mass persuasion." It's a nice follow to some of my posts on the former Advance Publications reporter.

For a followup to Ex-publisher sues newspaper, Advance Publications read Details on an ex-publisher's lawsuit and some pending cuts in Alabama are the focus of a post on Lagniappe. Rob Holbert says a 46-page document explains Howard Bronson was offered six months salary and tells of a speech Bronson was to give to employees regarding the revocation of the pledge.


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