August 10, 2009

Sometimes, the only way to react is to write even when it is not the right way to react. Or is it?

Nancy Rommelmann shares the puzzling mindset that paralyzes - what to do when something bad happens to those we once knew in the Monstrousness of Empathy.

"I decided I could not send the coffee, because every time her father drank the coffee, he might think, I am drinking this only because my child has been murdered. I couldn’t do that. I couldn’t impose myself. "
Yet, she wrote. She wrote a powerful piece. She shared a powerful line about what happened to a daughter who was murdered, that many mothers can relate to:
“makes me want to put my own daughters back inside my body.”
And she thinks about of punishment, of grief, of intrusion in an excellent arrangement of words you should read. Really.


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