July 9, 2009

Michigan city says yes to AnnArbor.com

The Ypsilanti (MI) City Council appointed AnnArbor.com as its newspaper of record, as the Ann Arbor News, its current paper of record, is set to shut down this month.

The News has been Ypsilanti’s official newspaper of record since 2005 when it replaced the Ypsilanti Courier. It was reaffirmed in February after a formal request for proposals was sought when the The Ypsilanti Courier noted that no formal bids were offered.

The Ypsilanti Citizen also covers the area. AnnArbor.com, which will offer two print editions each week while concentrating on delivering news via the web, and the Ann Arbor News, now publishing daily print editions and some news online, are owned by Advance Publications.

At least four of the the new staff have ties to Ypsilanti, including Amalie Nash, who worked as a reporter under Tony Dearing in the Ann Arbor New's Ypsilanti bureau, Steve Pepple, who was city editor in the bureau and Paula Gardner, who worked at the Ypsilanti Press.

More about the AnnArbor.com including:


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