July 10, 2009

Another Michigan publication shifting to AnnArbor.com

The Ann Arbor Business Review announced Thursday that it will cease publishing Aug. 13, but the name, content and two staff members will shift to AnnArbor.com.

Paula Gardner will direct the new effort that will include a weekly e-newsletter and space in the AnnArbor.com Sunday print edition starting Aug. 16.

She's been on the Review awhile, not so long online. She joined the Review when it started as Business Direct Weekly in January 2003. She was promoted to editor in spring 2007 and also became editor of Oakland Business Review. She recently had her one year anniversary on Twitter.
"I'm not the queen of connectivity. LinkenIn leaves me cold. I've even passive-aggressively resisted joining Facebook for the same year that I've enjoyed Twitter. (Yes, I know. I'm the last person in Ann Arbor to start a page. I'm almost there. Really.)"
Nathan Bomey, now associate editor, will become a digital journalist for the effort.

By the way, Bomey started his day by moderating a panel on Ann Arbor's shifting media market, a joint event between Business Review the Washtenaw Economic Club. That panel included Paula, AnnArbor.com's Tony Dearing, Ann Arbor Chronicle's Mary Morgan, radio show host Lucy Ann Lance and Ann Arbor Observer's John Hilton.

He solicited some of the questions via Twitter.

Nathan joined the "Ann Arbor Business Review in September 2006, covering technology, alternative energy, life sciences, venture capital, manufacturing and the Michigan economy." He created the "Michigan Business Innovation" blog on Mlive.com wife,

No word on the rest of the staff or the fate of the other Business Reviews in Michigan.

Business Review West Michigan prints weekly on Thursday. The Tri-Cities Business Review aimed at Saginaw, Bay City and Midland is already online-only and the Oakland Business Review switched to pure online publication in September.

More about the AnnArbor.com including:


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