June 17, 2009

Michigan student newspaper to try less print as journalism degree debate continues

It comes as no surprise that a Michigan college newspaper will copy its real-world counterparts and print less on paper and more online. I am more surprised that DigiDave entered the Is a J-degree necessary debate.

The River County Journal, an online site for southwestern Michigan, reported that the student-led newspaper at Western Michigan University will now print on Mondays and Thursdays instead of Mondays through Thursdays.

Make it real

The Journal quotes General Manager (and former Flint Journal copy editor) Brian Abbott as saying:
"It will continue its presence on the Web as a 24/7 news source and develop its video sharing, audio podcasts, photo slide show and interactive Web entity.

“We’re here to prepare students for a job, and readers are going to the Web more and more. Newspapers are looking for students who have these skills. We need to be focusing on that and giving them that hands-on experience.”
You can also read what the newspaper's editor wrote about the change or review the official press release.

Ex-chamber CEO heads online-only site

The River Journal, by the way, is an online-only publication with a focus on St. Joseph County, Michigan - River Country run by Bruce Snook, editor and publisher. Snook, who has written a column for the Kalamazoo Gazette, wants to "create a resource for “Celebrating and nurturing life in Southwest Michigan’s River Country.” Archives date back to April 2008 and include podcasts.

The Western Michigan University graduate retired as president and CEO of the Three Rivers Area Chamber of Commerce. Heworked for the chamber May 1992December 2007, according to his LinkedIn page.

digidave blog signature iconShould you go to journalism school?

Now back to DigiDave and the j-school debate. David Cohn, who had a double major of philosophy and rhetoric for his first degree, used internships to get his start in journalism. But he left an Wired to get his master's degree, part of a calculated move to become more then Dave the intern.

Regrets? He has a few.

Suggestions? He has a few, including how does someone learn entrepreneurship. See that might be just as important as traditional journalim skills, he says.

Go to j-school? Well ....
and you know what? I agree with his conclusion. Be sure to read the comments, where he answers my question about a journalism bachelor's degree.

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  1. Another great post that I am going to link to this morning. Also I left a comment under yours at Digidaves.

  2. Did you see the followup comments on Should You go to Journalism School? over at http://www.digidave.org/2009/06/should-you-go-to-j-school.html

    Being editor of the State News was a big part of my education at Michigan State University.

    Thanks for all your links and comments.