June 19, 2009

I was wrong

The Daily Derelict did not shout when it caught me in an embarrassing moment.. Seems I gave the wrong publication name for the Sun setting? Sun Newspapers Turn To Readers For 'Nifty' Content? post in the 'Nifty content' not enough post.

Yes, it was on the archive page of The Cleveland Free Press but I missed the large type in the header that said the newspaper merged in July 2008 with the Cleveland Scene. The article on the Sun Newspapers in the Cleveland area appeared in The Cleveland Scene.

The writer was unavailable for comment - the return email said he was on vacation.

The Derelict writes about politics, sports and idiocy. Newspapers, journalists and journalism slip into the blog with posts like Flint Journal readers discover their friends dead and Journalists get laid (off).

I regret the error and for my penance will read I Regret the Error
including John E. McIntrye's new contributions, and wait patiently without nagging for details about MediaBugs, which just got a Knight Foundation grant to treat journalism errors like software errors.


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