June 26, 2009

Girl Scouts taking to Twitter

If it's summer, it must be time for me to kick into high gear for Girl Scouts. So I've been wiggio'ing and wiki'ing and twittering today, pulling together information so a whole new group can collaborate.

A growing number of Girl Scout Councils are discovering social media. There's a big meeting in Arizona where they've been discussing social media. This year, some are even sending out Tweets from the conference:

"I wonder if we can really use Twitter and Facebook to increase Membership? #gscc09"
I expect you'll see more Girl Scout Councils twittering because of this:
"#gscc09 Great dialogue in salon 2! CEO GS West OK talked about DOUBLING their membership in 4 years by leveraging girl/vol issues and mktg"
"Loving the Engagement Strategy tool to communicate with target audiences...just wish there were multiple personas for each segment."
But the big excitement was this:

"Ready to Mobilize Membership? Don't miss the lunch presentation on social media by Jessica Lawrence!"
You see @jessicalawrence who earlier sent out this Tweet:
"Doing 45-minute presentation on social media to 200 Girl Scout CEOs and senior staff on Friday. Any "must include" ideas?"
has a social media policy for the Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio Council that includes 10 ideas:
1. Tell the truth.
2. Have a purpose.
3. Add value.
4. Be authentic.
5. Speak for yourself.
6. Play nice.
7. Respect copyright and fair use.
8. If it’s confidential, keep it that way.
9. Be social.
10. Use common sense.
That policy was shared earlier this week as well as her communications plan. She's not a jerk and she rocks, she blogs, she reads, she ROWE's, she .... check the council out.

There are many Girl Scout volunteers and girls who Twitter and have been. It's great to see more "official action."

Some news organizations also are catching on. An article on the Tallahassee.com site, Girl Scouts use Facebook, Twitter to seek volunteers, was populating a number of discussion groups, blogs and news sites.

The official Twitter feed of Girl Scouts of the USA just started rolling.

Also find the Juliette Low Birthplace on Twitter.

(You can follow all of the councils easily now, thanks to this application.

And here are the Girl Scout Councils already Twittering:
  1. Girl Scouts Arizona Cactus-Pine Council- GSACPC
  2. Girl Scouts Black Diamond Council (Added Aug. 28)
  3. Girl Scout Council of the Florida Panhandle - GSCFPgirl or the adult site Girl Scout Council of the Florida Panhandle - GSCFPadult
  4. Girl Scout Council of Tropical Florida - GSCTF
  5. Girls Scouts Commonwealth Council of Virginia- GSCCofVA
  6. Girl Scouts Heart of the South - GirlScoutsHS - Tennessee and Arkansas 
  7. Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan GSHOMAnnArbor - Michigan (added Oct. 11)
  8. Girl Scouts of California's Central Coast - GirlScoutsCCC (added July 8)
  9. Girl Scouts of Central Illinois -GSCentralIL - (added Aug 28)
  10. Girl Scouts of Central & Southern New Jersey - GSCSNJ (added Aug. 12)
  11. Girl Scouts of Central California South - GirlScoutsCCS
  12. Girl Scouts of Central Texas - GSCTXcouncil (added July 8)
  13. Girl Scouts Citrus Council Girl and adult @citrrusadult (Changed Aug. 28)
  14. Girl Scouts of Colorado - GSColo
  15. Girl Scouts of Connecticut - GSofCT
  16. Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois - GSEIWI
  17. Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma- imagirlscout (added June 29)
  18. Girl Scouts of Eastern Mass - GirlScoutsEmass - Massachusetts (changed Aug. 27
  19. Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri - GirlScoutsEM
  20. Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania - GSEasternPA
  21. Girl Scouts of Frontier Council - GSFC - Nevada
  22. Girl Scouts of Gateway Council - gsgc - Florida
  23. Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta - GSGATL (added June 29)
  24. Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana - GirlScoutsGCNWI - Indiana and Illinois
  25. Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa - gsgi
  26. Girl Scouts of Greater New York - GSBrooklynNY
  27. Girl Scout Council of Greater New York - GSCGNY - (Added Aug. 28, but no tweets)
  28. Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains - gsgwm - New Hampshire and Vermont (added Aug. 12)
  29. Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia - GAGirlScouts (added Aug. 12)
  30. Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland - KSGirlScouts
  31. Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana - GirlScoutsKY
  32. Girl Scouts of Kentucky's Wilderness Road Council - GSKWRC
  33. Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee - GirlScoutsMIDTN
  34. Removed Sept. 30
  35. Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys - GirlScoutsRV
  36. Girl Scouts of the Missouri Heartland Council - gsmoheartland
  37. Girl Scouts of Nassau County - New York
  38. Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails - GirlScoutsNM (added July 8)
  39. Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama - GirlScoutsNCA
  40. Girl Scouts of North New Jersey - GirlScoutsNNJ
  41. Girl Scouts of North East Ohio - GSNEO (added Aug. 12)
  42. Girl Scouts of Northeastern New York - neny
  43. Girl Scouts of Northern California - GirlScoutsNorCalGGT (added July 8) or at GirlScoutsNorCal
  44. Girl Scouts of North East Ohio - GSNEO (added Aug. 12)
  45. Girl Scouts of North New Jersey - GirlScoutsNNJ
  46. Girl Scouts of Orange County - GirlScoutsOC - California
  47. Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington - gsosw
  48. Girl Scouts of Rhode Island - gsri (added June 29)
  49. Girl Scouts San-Diego-Imperial Council - sdgirlscouts - California (added Aug. 12)
  50. Girl Scouts of Silver Sage Council - GSSSC - Idaho
  51. Girl Scouts of South Carolina - gsscmm
  52. Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan - gssem (added Aug. 12)
  53. Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas - GirlScoutsSWTX
    Follow CEO Anna M. Chavez's adventures at http://twitter.com/GirlScoutEagle1.
  54. (added Aug. 28)
  55. Girl Scouts of Tanasi Council - TansiGS - Tennessee (changed Aug. 28)
  56. Girl Scouts of Utah -gsutahceo (added June 29)
  57. Girl Scouts of Western Oklahoma - GSWestOK
  58. Girl Scouts of Western Washington - GirlScoutsWW
  59. Girl Scouts San Gorgonio Council - GirlScoutsGSSGC - California
  60. Sahuaro Girl Scout Council (serving girls in southern Arizona) - GirlScoutsSoAZ (Council name corrected July 9; and spelled right on Sept. 1)
And one more for fun - USAGSO is USA Girl Scout Overseas. Girls living temporarily overseas. These girls attend American and International schools.

Check out the Twibes or WeFollow or the Boy and GirlScout blog for more Girl Scout folk who twitter. There's also a Girl Scout room/group over on FriendFeed pulling in many Girl Scout items from the web.

Want more? (added June 29)
I am a Girl Scout who sometimes blogs about Girl Scouts. I twitter about Girl Scouts as mcwgs


  1. Soft start with @imagirlscout for Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma ... soon to be tweeting with established social media guidelines!

  2. Girl Scouts of Utah CEO Elaine Gause is tweeting @gsutahceo

    Thanks for the great article!

  3. Would love to see some of your social media guidelines - we're drafting ours now for July rollout.

  4. If you see things useful about Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan, there's an arborwiki page at


    that could use some love.

  5. @Ingrid Thanks for the tip. I like the PR Stars blog. http://girlscoutseastok.blogspot.com/

  6. Elaine:
    Thanks. I'll add you to the list.

    Did you see this:

    I'll keep my eyes open and add what I can.

    Thanks all for reading and commenting.
    Mary Ann