May 6, 2009

Speaking of swine, did you see this Pearl?

I routinely use bits of comics in cards that I make. I admire cartoonists for their ability to sum up the complex simply. Did you see this on newspaper experimentation? Pearls Before Swine

Actually, the latest Sunday funnies had quite a field day with newspapers. Besides Pearls before Swine, newspapers popped up in Garfeld, and Crankshaft. Do you think cartoonists are worried about a shrinking number of smaller newspapers on fewer days.

One last thing on swine flu. We are armed with a prescription just in case the flu symptoms strike and we can't get into a doctor. We got it the day we watched how quickly a sore toe became infected. (Oh, MRSA how I hate you.) Within two hours of thinking her toe hurt, my daughter was able to see a doctor and get started on a treatment that brought her fever down enough that Tuesday's chemo was done.

There even was a bonus - one of the nurses on the toe visit recently had a masectomy so that visit became part support group meeting.


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