May 26, 2009

Sorry. Even the coolness of the iPhone won't improve watching

I suppose on a slow, sleepness night there's a reason for this video that shows how the June 1 cover of New Yorker was created.

But for most of the world watching how artist Jorge Colombo uses the iPhone application Brushes to do the cover won't cut it.

Even Colombo is quoted as saying a virtual finger painting is not such a big deal:

“Imagine twenty years ago, writing about these people who are sending these letters on their computer.”

The New Yorker says he found that "watching the video playback has made him aware that how he draws a picture can tell a story, and he’s hoping to build suspense as he builds up layers of color and shape."

Of course, the news of what the Conde Nast magazine was doing did draw me to the site and got me to look at the Table of Contents. So maybe the video did what it was supposed to do - notice how the Newhouse magazine gives some content away, holds some for subscribers only and uses the web to offer options not possible in print.


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