May 28, 2009

Sailing into sale of goods keeps me rushing

It's Rush Week at the house.

I am rushing to discard things for the neighborhood garage sale. As I stumble through boxes - some unopened since 1994! - I am questioning why I ever thought I would need 15 (or more) wine glasses, two punch bowls and nearly every book and stuffed animal owned by my daughter. Or why I have, need or want a 2000 mold.

Meanwhile, my daughter discovered the magnets in the her newspaper purses were too strong for the material so she had to change the design. She's hoping to sell out of those and her other items at the garage sale. Surgery is one week away and who knows what will be possible after that.

It's a bit tense here, so she used a gift from one of my old bosses to go to the show with her boyfriend. (Six people at the movies! How can that number make showing the movie worthwhile.)

The Red Wings won so that made some folks here happy. I listened as I skated through another round of medical bills. Gee, now I show there's only a $6,000 difference between what I say we owe and and "they" say we owe on one bill. I understand why people give up and just work out agreements to pay. Almost every medical visit involved a bill from one source for people and another bill for equipment, space and drugs.

Each Explanation of Benefits makes me grateful we have health insurance. The costs for service for those with insurances is so much less.
And it is surprising how the cost varies according to the insurance you have. Makes me thankfulI don't work in the billing department.

Time to rush out ... I see hired a community director and its post about comments is getting some chatter outside its blog. More to come when I am not blogging by iPhone and able to do links easier.

Today's Flint Journal has its new entertainment section. The area's longtime Girl Scout camp is open four more days. Your Magazine published its last issue. Speaking of last, the writer behind the Gannett Blog says his sanity requires him to move on so that company tracker will soon fade away .


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