April 24, 2009

MacLeese, Moore pops up in Cavanaugh's blog

The colorful language and life of Al MacLeese crops up in the latest post on Peter Cavanaugh's blog.

The line describing him as "a grizzled old time newspaper rogue" was so true and sent me down a memory lane. But it's late and the day was long and bumpy so I'll share another time.

The Radio Free Flint post also talks about Michael Moore. Pure coincidence that it was posted on Moore's 55th birthday.

And Moore and MacLeese together. Well, as Cavanaugh says:

"In terms of chemistry, there was one additional perspective. Al MacLeese thought Michael Moore was an “ignorant punk” and Michael regarded Al as a
“typically untalented Flint Journal lap-dog.” Both had often expressed their views in print. For what more could I hope?"

Perhaps it's time for a scotch on the rocks.


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