April 24, 2009

Daughter blogs on happy dance

My daughter gives her update in happy dance as she inches closer to the end of another round of the cancer fight. She describes her mood as cheerful, but I have seen better cheerful.

She did smile a bit at the news that a five-month job search may have landed her boyfriend a 20-hour a week job. Not easy in a market where jobs disappear faster then lemonade on a hot Michigan day.

Big week coming up - the tumor board reviews her case Monday to determine how much of the breast will go. Tuesday is chemo day plus new job day. I have 2 deadlines for freelancing jobs, a need to unscramble the latest online mess that ended my eight prescriptions nine months early and a date with more financial forms for a parent and daughter. (Yes, the joys of paying for health care in America. But I am trying not to rant, so I will stop)


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