January 26, 2009

'Lifetime commitment' gets 'em talking

The WAGGGS-L list has been a bit quiet these days as one active participant spent some time in the hospital and others are wrapped up in getting Girl Scout cookie sales started. When I saw this image in the I'm a Girl Scout blog, I thought I'd share it with the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts List. I put on a post headline of "Lifetime commitment" and introduced the link by saying a Tattoo for Girl Scouts.

I thought it was good for a smile. I didn't realize it was going to be so good for discussion too.

I know some folks followed the link because this remark riled a few:
Katie is yet another superstar Girl Scout. Today she came by the office to show off her tattoo (and get a Girl Scout Cookie order form). I'm thinking maybe GSUSA could consider partnering with tattoo shops to offer discounts for lifetime members!

And the next thing you know we're off discussion who has tattoos, was this a "real" tattoo or a temporary one, what they mean, how they hurt to get and a whole lot of other spin outs including motorcycle mamas, lesbians, and piercings.

Some folks speak their minds plainly:

"Just FYI --- I will think less of you if you have tattoos and piercings."
Some ask questions
"....but I don't think I will be adding a tattoo to her collection of Girl Scout things right now. Am I the only one who finds this terribly inappropriate? When did we become Hell's Angels?"
Someone thinks there could be a legal issue:

"The only real issue is the trademark. Will they (GSUSA) make her take it off?"

And some think a Girl Scout trefoil in a discrete place would be the perfect tattoo.'
"Nothing defines me better than Girl Scouting. I have spent more time and been a member longer than any other commitment. Not my marriage, my kids even my profession."

Silly me. I thought it wonderful that an "older" girl was so proud of being a Girl Scout she got a tatoo.

(By the way, I put older in quotes because in Girl Scouts that means someone who isn't a Daisy, Brownie or Junior Girl Scout and is still a girl Girl Scout. You can be a girl Girl Scout until you are 18 years old and to me anyone who is under 19 isn't old. )

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  1. Update: The list conversation continues despite several members asking that it end. A picture can generate thousands of words