January 26, 2009

Cookies are safe, kosher, less fat - find the news on Myspace, Facebook and Internet

You'll be happy to know Girl Scout cookies are still kosher even though the label is missing from some boxes- the New York Times reported that. And the peanut butter used in your favorite Girl Scout cookie is safe to eat - the Girl Scouts and the two bakeries quickly rushed out press releases on that. Have you ordered yours yet? (details below)

If you know your ZIPcode you can find Girl Scout cookies.

You can read the press release on the peanut butter warnings and talk to Michele Tompkins at GSUSA if you have questions. Or read the statement from ABC bakeries or Little Brownie Bakeries. Want more proof? Then read what the peanut butter supplier said.

Enough about peanut butter. Thanks to BoyandGirlScouts.com, I can tell you about "Rising costs bite into Girl Scout Cookie portions.
Actually, The Dallas Morning News reported:
"Fewer cookies were packaged into Thin Mints, Do-si-dos and Tagalongs boxes this year, and the Lemon Chalet Crème cookies were resized to compensate for the rising cost of baking staples. "
Why? Michelle Tompkins, a Girl Scouts spokeswoman, said:

"In the last year, the cost of flour has jumped 30%, cocoa rose 20% to 30% and baking oil has soared between 40% and nearly 200%. Transportation expenses are up 30% to 40%."

By the way, Girl Scout cookies are found online in plenty of places this year. There's the Girl Scout Cookie Group on Flickr for a variety of photos related to cookies.

There's an application over on Facebook that lets you send virtual cookies to friends. There's the Myspace page authored by a "92-year-old woman from Georgia" for the organization founded in 1912 in Georgia. You can watch video of older cookie ads on the page that's been up a few years.

Girl Scout cookies is more than a fund-raiser.
Here are a few of the benefits listed over on the official Girl Scout site:
  • Girl Scouts practice life skills like goal setting, money management, and teamwork—and they have fun!
  • Customers get a great product and get to support girls in their own community.
  • All of the proceeds support Girl Scouting in the local community.
Did I make you hungry?

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  1. I love Girl Scout cookies. Especially the mint chocolate ones.

  2. Thin Mints are my favorite too!

    One downside - and there aren't many - is no one puts cookie order forms by my coffeepot. Fortunately, I still know a Girl Scout or two (hundred).