January 13, 2009

A deadline might work

Send in the fail whale! The first headline was "perfection or OCD" because I am not sure which prevents me from hitting the publish button here. My New Year challenge was to keep the number of published posts higher then the unpubublished ones. Oops!

I even started a number of posts early, knowing this week would be hectic. I spent several hours polishing yesterday. And yet, you see nothing got published.

I know I have a tendency to want perfection. And that darn Internet distracts so :-) For instance, a simple book review leads to some interesting info about the author which leads to a search ... Or a post inspired by a pep talk for journalists post is "balanced" (influenced by a Twitter) by a look at who else lost newspaper jobs which led to a search for a photo from my early jobs ...

And there you are - I added 3 more posts to the 300 plus waiting editing.

Maybe I do need a deadline. I know unpublished posts were not a problem when I was blogging about that popular American Idol show.
(Oh wait, that involved a paycheck)

I'll do better, I promise myself. I like not working holidays. I like not watching American Idol. I like not attending meetings.



  1. Be gentle with yourself

    Silence is golden

    And, last but not least ...

  2. Dear Friendly:
    Did you see how I let go for a few days?

    Mary Ann