January 19, 2009

Bebo was a 5,000+ boo-boo

This one-eye Michigan whiz owes an apology to everyone in my Google address book, including members of e-lists I manage and/or read. I stopped counting at 5,000 possibilities.You see last night I was trying to use my iPhone to clean up some of the zillion (ok, that number is an exaggeration) social network sites I am on when I accidently invited folks to join me on Bebo. I didn't even realize that happened until the acceptances and questions started rolling in.

And then acceptances from people not in my addressbook but on shared lists tipped me off that the goof was a big one (do all things in a big way).

So what is Bebo? It is another networking site - the most popular one in UK and Ireland, third in the U.S., according to Crunchbase.

Bebo was founded in 2004, launched in July 2005, by the couple who founded Ringo and BithdayAlarm.

In March 2008, the pair sold it to AOL (you can login with your AIM account) and AOL has been trying to beef it up. Just the other day, it made it harder to see profiles of people you haven't connected with.

It is popular for music and video -- something the Jonas Brothers used in their bid to be popular in Europe.

You can easily recommend video, music and games to your friends.

There is easy aggregation of Twitter updates and delicious bookmarks. You can check multiple emails - Gmail, yahoo, aol,

Guess I will try for awhile since I invited so many (sure join me at Bebo, where I am mcwflint

Meanwhile a return trip to the doctor says my eye infection is clearing up - the danger of a brain infection passed and no spinal tap needed (big such if relief)

We have added another medicine to the list plus I am to put a hot tea bag on the eye four times a day

No word if green tea or Earl Grey is preferred. It is preferred that I limit my computer time since I'm down to one good eye. (And that doctor isn't even in my address book)

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always catch ... sorry)


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