November 22, 2008

Who is leading the Girl Scouts now?

Catching up with some of the Girl Scout convention action instead of packing :-)

Just in case you don't keep up with all the e-mail lists and blogs about Girl Scouts and read every word in the the workbook, I thought I'd share some information about the new Girl Scout board.

The 2008-2011 National Board of Directors includes:


* President – Connie L. Lindsey, Chicago, Ill. (You can read or view the "Great Leaders are Great Servents" acceptance speech of this woman who became a Girl Scout nearly 40 years ago in Milwaukee, Wis.)
* First Vice President – Davia B. Temin, New York, N.Y. (was a Girl Scout as a girl)
* Second Vice President – Linda P. Foreman, Durham, N.C. (was a Girl Scout as a girl)
* Secretary – Angel L. Rodriguez, Parker, Texas
* Treasurer – Joan Wagnon, Topeka, Kans. (was a Girl Scout as a girl)


* Sylvia Acevedo, Austin, Texas
* Barbara F. Adachi, San Mateo, Calif.
* Harriet Edelman, Stamford, Conn.
* Raquel Egusquiza, Dearborn, Mich.
* Ellen S. Fox, New York, N.Y. (was a Girl Scout as a girl)
* Lisa Guillermin Gable, Upperville, Va.
* Linda Mazon Gutierrez, Tucson, Ariz.
* Nan C. Hillis, Winter Park, Fla. (was a Girl Scout as a girl)
* Michelle L. Holiday, Washington, D.C. (was a Girl Scout as a girl)
* John Hom, South Orange, N.J.
* Marie C. Johns, Washington, D.C.(was a Girl Scout as a girl)
* Ingrid Saunders Jones, Atlanta, Ga.
* Karen A. Maloney, Chatham, N.J.(was a Girl Scout as a girl)
* Sharon H. Matthews, Charlotte, N.C. (was a Girl Scout as a girl)
* Robert L. Morris, Columbia Station, Ohio
* Debra Nakatomi, Los Angeles, Calif. (was a Girl Scout as a girl)
* Susan P. Peters, Fairfield, Conn.
* Vikki L. Pryor, New Rochelle, N.Y.
* Patricia Romines, Bartlesville, Okla.(was a Girl Scout as a girl)
* Rhea S. Schwartz, Washington, D.C. and Sun Valley, Idaho
* Sara L. Schwebel, Columbia, S.C. (was a Girl Scout as a girl, who earned her Gold Award)
* Eileen Scott, Basking Ridge, N.J.
* Gail M. Talbott, Cocoa Beach, Fla.
* Susan L. Taylor, New York, N.Y.
* Marisa Tabizon Thompson, Eugene, Ore. (was a Girl Scout as a girl, who earned her Gold Award)

Over on the Boys and Girl Scouts blog, we learn that the newly elected first vice president of the board of directors was once the top cookie seller.

The blog author/administrator says:

"I looking on the Marketwatch site at the press release that the GSUSA put out regarding the election of the First Vice President of the Scouts’ Board of Directors, Davia Temin. I’m glad someone thought to put in this connection with Girl Scouts as it seems like the pros who run the organization many times don’t have a close connection with the traditions of Girl Scouts.

A former Girl Scout, one year Ms. Temin sold more cookies than any girl in Ohio. She was honored by The Girl Scout Council of Greater New York as a Woman of Distinction in 2007."

Did I miss any former girl Girl Scouts (14 of the 27 possible) or directors who earned their Gold Awards (2)?

Originally posted in Convention Talk.
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