November 30, 2008

Listening, sleeping, traveling

Life unravels quickly. New software, new ideas pop up faster then I can keep up because the only routine is that there is none.

I am back in Tennesee. The first day I had the fever my daughter was warned to avoid. I slept while she worked and accepted a card filled with wishes and dollars. It is good that we returned so they all could say goodbye.

The second day, I filled out the dreaded, annual, yes the man with alzheimers still needs the government's help to survive - safely - forms. When I look for thelaptop's powercord, I discover it is in Michigan

That means I am limited to the iPhone.

I had hoped to bring a piece from my head to the computer to help me figure out what to say at my dad's service on Saturday.

I wanted to empty the warp and weavings of people and time that haunt me when I return to the place where I was told -30
years ago - that I would never see 30 years old.

I wanted to finish a few projects to prepare for the launch of 3 new projects - 1 destined to be a part of Typepad's Bailout Program for Journalists.

Instead, I will try paper. I will try reading. And perhaps more sleep so that I am strong for the new results and actions wwaiying our return on Tuesday, a return after the snow

Instead I listen to those who say I am too
Raw to share right now

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