January 22, 2017

Wild challenge lost its oomph

Finished! Barely and not a real beauty but I am finished with Project Quilting Season 8 challenge 2: 7 days to create and finish a Carolina Lily inspired project that has at least one of these three things:

  • Three layers stitched
  •  patchwork or 
  • appliqué
This is my final  interpretation:

Here's another look. You might see a ball of thread inside. I hope to use the lily to help keep the thread for stitching and tatting close by and most importantly off the floor. 

 Don't look too closely as I see a few more threads that need cleaning up.   I did rip this baby apart three times as it went from a hanging flower to a dimensional flower on  a wall hanging and back to a thread holder.  I even considered turning it into a book light shade.

Here's the middle layer -- note the clearance sticker. It clearly did not give me the oomph I wanted in my project. It was hard to cut -- rough on scissors and needle. Perhaps the product was past its due date. Or perhaps that is why I got it on clearance some time ago.

I created in the Flint, Michigan area this week and had high hopes when the challenge was announced. Then, as I as I wrote,  the Carolina Lily said baby to me. Alas, my skills did not match my dreams. But I did push myself and used a new tool. 

I used a bright yellow fabric on one side, a few oranges on the flip side of six petals. I did French knots and seed stitches to mimic the look of the Carolina Lily, a wildflower found in southern states like North Carolina. The finished project is about 5 inches tall.

All of the far more impressive challenge work is linked on the original challenge post.


Updated 1/22/17


  1. I love that you worked, reworked, pivoted, and still kept going! Sometimes what we learn is the real project :)

    1. Thanks. I almost gave up several times. Then, I wasn't going to post it. Finally I decided I should so I could remember the process and give praise to the ripper.

  2. I think this is wonderful! Not being afraid to share what doesn't work helps others SO MUCH more than everything always being perfect! Thank you for sharing!