December 30, 2015

"Late to your own funeral" comes true

My mother struggled her whole life to be on time. She laughed about being late to her own funeral. Last week she was. 

Family and friends were gathered at a Catholic church in Visalia, Ca., waiting for a funeral Mass to begin. A photo collage showing highlights of her life was next to some flowers that surrounded the spot where her ashes would be. It was empty 10 minutes after the scheduled start. 

Her ashes were still back at the funeral home. My sister says the funeral home was to deliver. No problem as my brother-in-law dashed out to pick them. At least that is what family thought until later that night when the truth came out. 

Here, let my brother tell the rest:

"Let the truth be told! Ah my Mother, first she was late for her own funeral. Church full of people, four priests, three deacons, three ushers.

Beautiful service and what a surprise when they announced everyone was welcome for dinner afterwards, as the restaurant had setting for thirty. No problem, invite the Lord too, He can turn water into wine and bread into loafs. Fantastic dinner for all. 

Back at sister's  was the biggest surprise of all: Mom never was at the church, box was empty, mom still at funeral home. End of story, mom missed her own funeral. Hope she was watching!"

Burial will be in Michigan. I personally will check that her ashes are in the box. 

Family pose at the dinner:


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