March 20, 2014

Failing but making progress is success

Progress ! Yes, I think I am going to make it to the final stage -- completion -- in the final phase (for now) of the Project Quilt effortt. 

Stumbled a bit today as I tried to turn a 6-inch square into a hexagon. I tried and I tried. I was upset that I didn't try the technique right after I saw it demonstrated.  It looked so easy on TV.

Then I bumbled around the internet, looking at quilting sites, at origami sites, at this and at that. And just like that I remembered the name of the show -- Quilting Arts. (Specifically Quilting Arts TV Episode 1308)  That led to the quilter's name (Julia Wood), her book, her blog (The HEXIE Blog) and this -- you start with a circle. 

Quick like, I made one. I love the triangles that suddenly appear. Perfect points even. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect.

Just not for this project. 


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