October 15, 2013

Strange year of medical firsts

I cannot remember the last time this happened. But this year, my husband met the medical deduction before me. Plus, the year was more then half over before I did meet mine.

Unfortunately, I have quickly met that limit in just a few intense months. I prefer the confirmed diagnosis of a multiple sclerosis flareup over the scarier possibility of strokes. Still I could have lived forever without the temporary vision or thinking problems. 

I did not really want an MRI or an MRA. I could have skipped all of the X-rays, the steroids and the breathing treatments. 

I also could have skipped the foot pain. I definitely prefer barefoot over embracing the ankle-high brace and inserts that go so nicely with the black, matronly shoes. Still, I was getting tired of frequent  eyeball inspections of the floors and the lawn. 

Plus isn't it lucky that the lust for shoes skipped a generation. Unlike my mother or daughter, I have never wanted found shoes fascinating. 

Now I just need to guesstimate how much we want/need in the medical spending account next year. Then predict what  medicines my mom will use in 2014 so I can play Medicate Part D roulette and pick a plan that might cover most of her drugs the longest. 

Oh no. I think I feel that headache returning. 


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