September 18, 2013

Ex-staffer reviews changes in Ann Arbor media

Ed Vielmetti, who once blogged for the site and has blogged longer then anyone I've ever met, weighs in on bringing back the Ann Arbor News name and folding Ann Arbor news back into the site.

His verdict?
Things are bad, but not as bad as they would seem. 

 He worries about links and the lost of information, but points out the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine saved all of the content and most of the links. So far, the original content also is available once you get past the former home page.

Vielmetti, a longtime Ann Arbor person, continues to serve as a focal point of information of the city and community. He continues to update the ArborWiki, always reminding anyone can contribute. He blogs, he tweets and he connects those seeking information with those who might know.

More interesting to a larger audience is a post on communities that lose big media and need to rely on multiple resources for its news.

Vielmetti acknowledges breaking news and the big news. News spreads quickly via Twitter. The entire news in Ann Arbor has drawn attention from all of the major media news sources. The city is rich with alternative media including the Ann Arbor Observer and the student newspaper at the University of Michigan. There also are bloggers, who become often start because of a certain issue.

Check it out: An active if diffuse media ecosystem.

(By the way, if you're into maps then you've got to add his blog to your must-reads).


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