April 15, 2010

Looking for ex-employees of Flint Journal, Michigan newspapers, Advance .... you get the idea

waving hand


I'm interested in blogging about where people are after the layoffs, buyouts, etc. from The Flint Journal, Michigan newspapers, heck, even the Advance Publications.

I'll do hello to the new folks who got/get the jobs too.

Drop me a line on Facebook, or email through the address below or call. Or tell all by leaving a comment. Thanks.


  1. Working part-time at a local school district doing communications for a third of what I was making at FJ. Oh, and no benefits. But I get to pay 45 percent taxes as a self-employed, contract employee, so life is good.

    It all comes to an end in June when I will be a full-time retiree.

  2. Thanks Jim. Please help spread the word.