April 21, 2010

Let's start over, please

It was a rough morning. Too much too wrong. Too dark inside when I can see that the sun is trying hard to peak through the crowd. It tumbled into a rougher afternoon.

Funny. I just wrote peaking through the crowd when I meant clouds. Or did my fingers know what my brain sometimes forgets.

The first status, posted on Facebok on April 13, 4:30 p.m. said:
Days like today help me understand how stereotypes begin. I don't like that. But I'm not real happy with many males today either!
Go ahead. Imagine the type of behavior that would encourage me to understand why males gain a reputation for being uncommunicative, or bossy or easily amused by unfunny experiences. Or how many times they speak in sports language, expecting the non-athletic to understand the secret language created on courts, courses and fields. I can probably top what you thought with what took place.

Still, that's not the thinking I want to encourage or the people I want to hang with so I decided to change the only thing that I can: My attitude. That led to this Facebook status at 5:44 p.m.:
OK. Let's start over. Good morning world.  
Who said my day had to start in the a.m. or when sun popped up.

The status prompted responses such as:
"Good morning. have you had your V-8 yet? A good way to start your morning.
Hey, sunshine. Good day to you!"
 and, despite what I just said, my favorite one of all:
"OK, so like in golf. We should get, say, 6 mulligans a year."
I can get by with  do-overs a year. Can you?


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