March 25, 2010

No time to blog? Presentation shows how to fit it in

Updated 3-26-10
Two browsers, a few minutes every hour, and multitasking are just three ideas you can glean from this Louis Gray presentation. But you'll find many more ideas no matter what subject you blog in.
Perhaps, the most important takeaway is the example Gray provides of sharing what he knows fairly, frequently and fast (He shared the presentation before presenting, allowing feedback in multiple streams. Oh yes, multiple streams is another tip.)

You Every blogger can glean enough from the presentation to make it worth your time. There are a few slides that make me wish I had been at the presentation (made to HP bloggers) so I'll send off my questions and share the replies.

(I added this after the initial posting)
Also, read the comments on Gray's post and you'll learn he considers conversation a key statistic indicating success.


  1. Looking forward to your questions. Hope I can help. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Two questions to start:: Where to ask those questions and who was the presentation made to?