March 12, 2010

iPhone, FriendFeed discover my security leaks

Just when I think I've plugged all the security leaks and repaired all the walls, a simple maneuver reveals just how much I don't know about the computer or Internet.

I need my own IT department. Really.

I'm just a week into the month-old Google Buzz. I thought I'd set things up so limited information about me was available until I completely recover from a hack and stolen, or perhaps I should say borrowed, accounts.

My profile, including contact information, looked great (limited) on the laptop's FireFox, Safari and Internet Explorer. What a surprise when I unexpectedly look at my profile through the iPhone Google application. There, for the whole world to see, was my home address, multiple email addresses, and some notes foolishly stored in a Gmail Contacts form.

I shouldn't be surprised - my iPhone/Facebook application continues to let me do things I can't on the web interface. Sometimes, that's a good thing.

Facebook privacy control an inside job

Not quite as disturbing, but interesting, was learning that choosing the audience for an item on Facebook only works on Facebook. That means items that I customized on Facebook for family-only or for game-players only are making their way to my FriendFeed account. I don't think I broke the rule of say only what you're willing to see on the front page of a newspaper. But I'm sure a few folks were surprised by what thye read on FriendFeed where I tend to stick to technology, journalism, health care and not family, farming or Facebook tricks.


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