October 12, 2009

Writer moved out of Newhouse bureau, into own business

Michigan jack-of-all-trades Joe Grimm continues his upbeat look at journalists who find success after buyouts and bootouts by interviewing Katherine Reynolds Lewis, who once wrote "feature articles and news analyses on work, money and business for the Newhouse newspaper chain" from 2003-2008.

Now, as Joe says, Former National Correspondent Creates Two Sites for Working Moms
The first is CurrentMom.com, a Web site for entrepreneurial mothers, and the other is About.com site for working moms."

But that's not all that this mother is doing now that the Newhouses have closed the Washington Bureau and the National News Service. She's a freelance writer and editor, writing about work, personal finance and parenting for magazines, newspapers and Web sites.

She's also indirectly continued working with the Newhouses - a piece about curbing the abuse of prescription drugs was in the Oct. 4 Parade, which is in the Advance Publications fold.

Head to Poynter for some advice on creating a new career, becoming your own boss and recognizing your value.

I've written before about journalists with jobs post buyout and bootout. Joe Grimm, who worked for the Detroit Free Press as a recruiter and now blogs, freelances and teaches at Michigan Sate University, has a lot of helpful posts on career transitions.


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