August 4, 2009

News choice: Some like it hot, some like it cold, I want it all

So many choices for news these days.

This comic was shared with me awhile back and I tried to read the artist's name to track the original. No luck.

It's the same frustration I face when I read an Associated Press story and try to determine where the story originated. If possible, I'd like to link to the original source.

I try to remember to leave comments, including "likes" on the original source of blog posts but that gets harder and harder as I expand my river of influencers. There are my friends who publish notes and posts on Facebook. Others share via Google Reader or FriendFeed.

My latest frustrations are with two Michgian online news sources. One offers only partial posts in its feed, a move I'm sure it hopes drives me to its site to view ads Unfortunately, what I get rarely is attractive enough to entice. To its credit, though, the short post in its feed includes an author. The other news source leaves off the author. Plus, I can't figure out the reasoning behind why some posts are the whole thing and some are not. Perhaps it is time to stop the feeds.


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