June 4, 2009

Breast cancer surgery today

My 25-year-old's breast-conserving surgery is today so that's where my attention is this week. The fact that a lumpectomy is possible means the first six months of treatment worked. Who cares about hair or toenails or fingernails if the cancer is gone.

We're told it will take about six hours and we won't know until next week if the doctor gets all the cancerous cells. We are confident she will.

I'm posting via the iPhone so getting links in here is hard - you can read about the journey to today in a May 14 post. (See list on right)

I'll post updates later on how that goes.


  1. We're praying for you and your daughter today.

  2. Hi,

    Hope evrything went well for your girl and you get good news from the doctor next week.

    Please come by my blog and pick up your award when you have the time and head space.



  3. Jim of L-Town:
    I know the prayers and positive thoughts contributed to the success. Thank you.

    I also know I chose right when I thought about ditching journalism for medicine. I keep thinking ... this too will pass (and hope I won't pass out). Seriously, why can't they keep folks in the hospital for just a bit.

    Thanks for the thoughts and award. I'll pick it up soon - head space seems to be missing for now :)
    Mary Ann