May 11, 2009

Spring ritual: Visit MSU for burst of journalism inspiration

Update: Some folks will twitter about the event using #rethinknews hash tag. New web site:

Michigan State University is one of the major places I learned about journalism, earning a bachelor's degree years ago from the College of Communication Arts, exploring my first business and management courses and learning by doing at the award-winning student newspaper that came out five days a week.

Today, I return to the campus for my annual burst of journalism inspiration.

Three years ago, it was to learn more about the American Press Institute's Newspaper Next. Last year, I started my buyout-funded sabbatical with a frustrating day at API's progress report on the program designed to get newspaper's innovating their way to success. (By the way, API says Newspaper Next is Alive with things like the CEO Summits and other resources.)

Today, the journalism school has organized a forum on In Search of a New Journalism. The press release says "a dynamic mix of journalists, news consumers, students, entrepreneurs, academics and innovators from outside journalism" are coming for a daylong summit so that the 100-year-old j-school can take a "leadership role in redefining journalism and seeking fresh ideas and perspectives on creating viable business models."

As Jane Briggs-Bunting, director of the School of Journalism, notes in the official press release Michigan is becoming a hotbed of innovation as the Ann Arbor Press morphs into Ann, three mid-Michigan newspapers move forward by dropping four days of print editions and the Detroit News and Free Press offers e-editions, newsstand-only editions and limits home delivery editions.

John Bebow suggested some of the folks invited in a post on the Center for Michigan:
  • Amber Arellano: Detroit News, writes a weekly Monday online column
  • John Bebow: Executive Director, The Center for Michigan
  • Bill Emkow: Editor-in-Chief of
  • Jonathan Morgan (MODERATOR): Multiplatform Editor at the Detroit News
  • Aaron Olson: MSU journalism student
  • Clare Ramsey: Managing editor of ModelD, a website that creates "a new narrative of Detroit."
  • Professor Joe Walther from MSU's Department of Communication.
I'm heading to East Lansing to be a part of the audience for the afternoon session, which will be broadcast on SpartanTV from 1:30-4 p.m.

I'll let you know what's up.

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  1. Say 'hi' to the Red Cedar River for me. It was the brochure picture of the river running through campus that lured me from California to the campus back in 1977.

    Prettiest campus in the U.S., bar none. But I may be a little biased.

    I'll look forward to reading your reflections.