March 29, 2009

Can you pull the plug for love?

How much of being on is too much? Should you send out Twitters to those who didn't pay to get to or into a conference? If you are there on a press pass? There because you paid to get in? Or there courtesy of someone who wanted you in the seats?

Or let's get personal as Susan Mernit recently did,

Is it polite to keep the laptop on top of your lap when your chatting with friends or family? Is it right to send out Twitters when your suggled up next to your sweetie? When you are the car's nagavator, charged with getting the driver from here to there?

My family and non-journalism friends do not understand why the closing of the Ann Arbor News or changes at the other Advance Newspapers sent me to the web searching for details. My daughter is amazed that I constantly use my iPhone or pull out the laptop, not to play a game but to know what's up, to read what others say and share my own thoughts.

Still, I am able to set aside all devices when family calls - did I mention 29 folks expected today at my house? - as no obligation to an employer reinforces the ingrained need to know.

Read Susan's post on Devices and love while I'm tending to love. I'll return to the devices tomorrow.


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