February 27, 2009

Fighting (again) wastes time

pill bottlesMy doctor fought and won - I can keep taking the medicine that has helped me fight fatigue for five years.

He called my insurance company numerous times (and didn't bill for the time.) He gave me samples to keep me going for the six weeks of rejection.There is no generic substitute. There is no alternative, including the insurance company's advice to take more naps.

I already try to fight MS fatigue by using my energy wisely. I nap. I sleep. I exercise.

I wonder how much money is wasted each time a doctor who prescribes a rejected medicine fights. There's paperwork, phone calls, research - all done by humans.

I don't think changing the pill top label to use less ink or dropping the label completely will ever save enough to make up for the firm's questioning of the accredited doctor's judgement.

If he prescribed it, he thinks it should be filled - especially if it is a refill.


  1. Ha!!! Insurance company suggests to take more naps instead of approving Provigil?

    See, I knew what you were talking about without you having to say so.

    Provigil, made by Cephalon, the drug company who paid off four other generic drug makers to withdraw their filings to make the generic.

    Provigil, the drug which now costs at least $12 per pill.

    Provigil, made by Cephalon, the drug company who failed to trial or file for the indication of MS fatigue so that there wouldn't be this arbitrary reason for insurance companies not to cover it.

    Provigil, the drug which is being sent in fewer samples to doctor's offices because Cephalon is developing a replacement version.

    Yep, I hear ya loud and clear.

  2. What a battle for medicine which you should be able to get just like that if medicines were not money making exercise for the drug companies and the insurance companies.

    They always say crime does not pay bit that not correct, it does pay look at lawyers, police officers, judges etc all doing very well thanks to the law breakers.

    Drug companies and insurers love all us dependants it means that no matter the economis climate we all need their wares.

    Take care.

  3. Amazing how quickly my MS friends nod their heads I'm agreement with some experiences.

    You nailed the drug:) Thanks for the explanation on disappearing samples.

    The prices of medicines for MS are so high. For years, I avoided seeking higher raises as I knew how much the company's insurance paid for my drugs.

    Unfortunately, we may need the drugs but can't always get them thanks to insurance companies, drug companies etc.

    Thanks for reading - and letting me know through your comments.