January 2, 2009

A hairy day is a fine one for hats

Today a box of hats arrived from Heavenly Hats, which uses a tagline of sharing hope through hats. I certainly needed hope on this very hairy day - especially late this afternoon when the 24 year old acted liked a 3 year old with scissors.

The hats organization was founded by a 10 year old boy and distributes new hats to those who lose their hair because of medical conditions.

All of the hats are new. Many carry the sample label. Some are knit, or crocheted or sewn by volunteers. Some are an instant hit. Some make us laugh and laughter is good. Hey, she started the afternoon saying the purple one would never go on her head and look where it is now.

We, of course, knew not all hats are perfect. Here's my daughter's first attempt to make her own chemo hat. She's doing much better now that she really knows how to do a double crochet.

The hats come on a good day - a clump of hair came out when she ran her fingers through it while rating her fourth meal of the day. (Yes, many here are sure that the reason it took hours longer then expected to put in her port was doctors secretly hollowed out a leg so she could attempt to eat us out of house and home.)

The hats come on the day she's decided the top of the head pain is from the tenderness of the hair leaving the trail in the shower, on the pillow, on the rug and now the table.

The trail bothers her for a couple of reasons - the fact that it is hers and the fact that it is a trail. Who knew I raised a neatnik. I'm too busy cooking and she's not expecting the energy boost to clean until sometime next week. She's rejected my offer to get rid of the three dogs in attempt to eliminate some hair.

The hats come on the day she's decided it would be easier if it just fell off all at once. We could have skipped the short hair stage - which she hates, she says. Fortunately, I am peeling onions when we both realize why some choose to shave their heads; why even the short cut isn't enough.

Her long shower gives me time to finish that batch of tears and I brace myself for the bald head.

Instead, i get another laugh as decides to wait to shave. Instead, she comes out with a most unusual style as more rebellious lengths decide to stand at attention. (Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of that!)

Later in the day, I learn I better not wait to post from now. She left the kitchen to trim her bangs and came back wearing a new do. What do you think?

Oh, by the way -- I could send you to her blog. But, I'll just borrow some of it now. I don't think we have a crossover audience. Let's start with her Facebook status: Katie W is done with 2... now i'm wilting!

Round two is done.. gearing up for 3!!

hello peeps! i emerge after resting for a couple of days. I had issues with the hospital this week, They scheduled my appointment for 11am with the doctor and my chemo treatment for 5pm! So yes we got to hangout around the hospital for a long time! But i now know i don't like treatments at night and prefer getting them over with because it kinda of woke me up that night and I really couldn't sleep til the next day. Plus now my days are all screwed up and I swear today is still thursday even though everything says friday!

katie cuts hair on 1-2-09frontI am officially wilting now and losing what hair I have at a faster pace than normal so I'm off to do an at home trim because as most of you know with my slight OCD I cannot stand hairs of any kind just floating around on clothes and such! grrr.... they are driving me crazy!! :O) Plus this way I get to pretend like I'm shear genius but not because i can mess up and not get eliminated.

I hope everyone had a better new years eve then i did and everyone old enough to have a drink had one for me! before treatment Lew and I rented a whole bunch of movies and have only 1 left out of 6! i must say we rented don't mess with the zohan and well it was one of the worst adam sandler movies I have ever seen! I really like him too! It was a bummer but hopefully we saved the best on for last kung Fu Panda!! That will be tonight's viewing!

Oh yea some great news from the last doctor's appointment my tumor before treatment was 6 cmX 9 cm on the outside of my skin ( they take a rough measurement because they really can't tell how big it is on the inside without more expensive tests so this is like the cheap version of measuring/ monitoring using a ruler) (sorry about the spelling) but after the first round it is now 5cmX5cm - sooo whoohoo!!!! go yucky chemo drugs that are doing their job! I told my mom the bright red color of the drug reminds me of tiny hatchet men from the music group lewis and I listen too and I keep visioning them attacking the tumor whenever it gets injected... she gave me a weird look like many of you are probably doing too but i read that it helps to vision the meds working like this and it makes tons of since to me since the color is like bright blood koolaid! Ahh... well i must trim this mop of hair i have left! Laters!!

By the way, she's wrong. Mom likse the imagery of the hatchet men. The haircut, I'm not so crazy about.

So peeps, Laters!!!

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  1. Let me guess ... you've hidden the scissors and plan to use lots of recipes requiring cut-up onions.

    You know, it's OK to cry!