December 8, 2008

A measure of success (or something)

It's the end of the year, a time when I usually measure how well I've met goals of the year. Plus, I need a break from gloomy things so what can be more uplifting then Twitter. TweetStats helped me learn a lot - like 19 times in 13 months I've had Twitters that were exactly 140 characters long, that 36% of my tweets are replies to others and I share a lot of links, talk a lot about the iPhone, news and Twitter.

I love word clouds (see illustration) as a way of telling me what I'm saying. If only I could get that at the dinner table :-)
The TweetStats program shows May, August and October were my slow Twitter months. But, boy was I noisy in Feb. when I had more then 100 (and to my surprise lots of folks still followed me.)

Sunday seems to be my favorite day to send out a Twitter. I'll Twitter at any hour of the day with 8-11 p.m. EST my most popular times (although 6 a.m. seems popular too).

One nice gift from TweetStats - it shows what program I used to send Twitters and that helped me remember that Hahlo was the program I liked on the iPhone (before its last crash; some days I'm so glad there are computers available to help us keep track of life's little things.)

Even more, I'm glad life is a bit more normal - I'm actually watching Jay Leno for the first time since October.

(If you click on the graphics you can actually read them.)


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