May 26, 2009

Charging more for less - it's the American way, right?

The hot news of propane tanks coming with less gas is the type of story that gets my husband, whom I love dearly, going.

It's just one more piece of evidence of how "they" try to fool "us" into believing we're still getting a deal, according to the guy who began his vacation being sick. (How sick? He went to a doctor Saturday morning. Plus, we had to uninvite relatives from coming to our house for a potluck cookout. Fortunately, another relative offered her place as the gathering spot so that worked for all but the nephew who was disappointed that his uncle's pool was not moved along with the picnic.)

OK, back to same-size boxes and bags that hold fewer items. It bugs my husband a lot so I know he'll enjoy this link over to The Daily Derelict, which shares how a local newspaper is turning away customers by charging them more for less.

I suspect we'll be reading more complaints as the week goes on and The Flint Journal, Bay City Times, and Saginaw News switch to the new sections -- they start Thursday -- and new publishing schedule on June 1. A two-page ad in Sunday's Journal explained where people will find items in the newspaper and how to access obituaries on non-print days.

Speaking of things ending, this is the last week for Jay Leno in the 11:30 p.m. time slot so he featured some of his favorite headlines Monday night. That reminded me of this from Overheard in the Newsroom:
"One of the single worst things you can say to a copy editor is, ‘We were on Leno on Monday night.’”
Speaking of talking to copy editors, there are two gatherings this week where that could happen as folks who once worked or still work or will work for the Flint-based newspapers will meet.

I hope to be there despite the generosity of my husband who hates to be sick alone.

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